Friday Feature Kitchens

Friday, April 10, 2015

The kitchen is where the heart of the home beats a steady, rhythmic pulse as we move in and out of this bustling place where food is prepared and enjoyed. It's where we shuffle with bare feet still warm from cozy beds to brew that first pot of coffee as dawn breaks free from night's embrace and birds start their twittering chorus in the trees. It's where we eat our meals, when the dining room is too spacious for one or two, and it's where our style comes to life, from the dishes we choose, to the table settings we design, to the organization of our drawers and the arrangement of objects on our sills. It's where sunshine illuminates the still life of fruit on the counter. It's where the heirloom dish with colorful tomatoes shares the space with a bowl of fresh fruit while the smell of coffee beans lingers in the air.  And it's where we pour over cookbooks, plan our meals, cook our art, and wash that endless pile of dishes that makes its appearance in and out of cupboards daily.

Kitchens are fascinating and so are the amazing men and women who cook in them.  The stoves, the cupboards, the drawers, the pantrys, the food, the spices, the aprons - all carry a distinctive characteristic that reflects the innovative home cooks who take pride in their kitchens and enjoy the satisfaction of preparing fresh, quality food and enjoying it with those they love.

Friday Feature Kitchens will be a weekly series on these home kitchens - and the amazing cooks who create in them - giving us an inside look at the spaces where life, beauty and great food intersect.  I'd love to hear about your kitchen, so for consideration to be featured in this series, please email photos of your kitchen to and tell me a little bit about yourself and your kitchen, or tag me in your Instagram posts with #fridayfeaturekitchens.

Here's to Fridays, cooking in the kitchens we love and sharing our stories with each other!

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