Wild Rituals Soap

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Megan Thompson, owner of Wild Rituals Soap Company.

If there’s one thing Megan Thompson has learned in recent years, it’s to say yes when opportunity knocks. Thompson, the owner of Wild Rituals Soap Co., started the business in 2013 after a conversation with her father during a time of confusion in her life. With his encouragement, she decided to follow a longtime dream of making soap and skin-care products, and she began poring over books and concocting experimental batches of lye and natural ingredients in her family garage.

Three years later,
her small skin-care business has grown into a budding success, and her products are now found in Urban Outfitters stores nationally and throughout the U.K. I chatted with her recently about her company’s growth, plans, and the importance of saying “yes.”

1. What’s it been like turning a hobby into a booming career?
“It’s been a learning experience, for sure. But it still makes me happy, which is something that was important to me when I made the transition into being a business. Sometimes I get stressed with all the work—like making 5,000 bath bombs in three weeks to meet a deadline—but then I remind myself that I am only 24, and I’m running my own business, and I think I’m doing a good job at it!”

Need stress relief? Try Calm, a soap abundant with fresh lavender and other natural ingredients.

2. Can you talk about your products?
“All of my products are blended with natural, organic ingredients that are great for your skin. Soap was the first thing I started making, followed by other toiletry items such as bath bombs, facial cream, hair serum, and herbal bath teas. I didn’t anticipate how popular the bath bombs would be, but those are what got me a contract with Urban Outfitters and really caused my business to explode. My face cream is popular, too—a blend of shea and cocoa butter, lavender, hemp seed, and tea tree oil.

Organic rose buds are used in her popular floral soap, Aphrodite.

3. Do you have plans for expanding your business?
“Definitely. While it’s worked out for me to have a booth at Design Archives as well as selling my products online, I’m ready to expand. Up to this point, all the production has taken place in my tiny apartment in West End, and I’m ready to have my home back. I’m looking for a place downtown where I can have a shop and production area. I also might go back to school and get a business degree.”

The aesthetic beauty of Megan's soaps combined with feel-good ingredients add to their appeal.

4. What do you love most about Winston-Salem?
“Oh gosh, what can I say? The city has been so supportive of me. There is something really special about Winston with the support artists have for each other. And my customers have been so amazing! They have encouraged me and even invested in my business when I did a Kickstarter campaign. I couldn’t have done any of this without the community around me.”

Megan with friend and business partner, Amy.

5. Got any advice for others?
“Don’t be afraid to say yes if something feels right. Every time I say yes—every single time I embrace what’s being given to me—something good happens. So just say yes, and don’t turn down something that is an obvious sign.”


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