Monday Market Meals - White Crab and Zucchini Omelette

Monday, September 26, 2016

White Crab and Zucchini Omelette

I've invited Susana Villasuso from London to share a guest post on the blog today for Monday Market Meals. A former culinary chef, Susana knows the importance of going after a dream. Spending years in culinary school to master a degree before joining the love of her life in marriage, she learned that doing what one loves sometimes requires sacrifice. Later, when their first child was born, she realized that sacrifice again as she set aside her career, choosing to be a stay-at-home mom to their daughter, Lily. While she may not wear a chef's hat in London's trendiest eating houses, Susana creates dishes equally as tasteful at home using ingredients from local markets or the butcher around the corner - recipes infused with the flavors of central Mexico so reminiscent of her childhood.

Read on for Susy's post...

The market at Thames Ditton. 

When a job opportunity opened up in New York City for my husband, we decided to pack our bags and take on the challenge of moving to the Big Apple with our baby, Lily. We lived there happily for three years, and while in Manhattan I enjoyed the diversity of food and ingredients in some of the best markets I've ever seen.   They weren't always cheap but visiting them you realized the importance of supporting local farmers and how their hard work and dedication translated into the beautiful produce that they sell. 

I have always loved markets but didn't really take on buying local produce until I was in my late 20's. My love for markets originally came from my grandma and I have very fond memories going with her to do the weekly shopping at a little market near her house.  As a mum myself, I realize now why I think she preferred buying things at her local market. First, the quality available and second that she could buy what she needed at a good price.

Moving back to the UK wasn't easy, but as soon as we were into our new home in Thames Ditton, on the edge of southwest London, I started to enjoy the things it has to offer.My favorite thing is the Farmers Market which takes place on the last Saturday of every month.  Here you can find some of the best produce from my county and surrounding areas and the best thing is that it is right on my doorstep.

In my basket today. 

My daughter and I get ready in the morning with our shopping bags and purse to visit the market and stock up on wonderful ingredients. We make sure we sample all the different sausages from the Giggly Pig, and then continue on to Secretts which has the freshest and most beautiful fruit and vegetables.  We always make our way to the artisanal bread stand to munch on buttery croissants while we visit the rest of the stalls, where I can find fresh fish, game, interesting cheeses, olives, fresh pasta, honey, eggs, cured meats,  etc. 

In all, I think that visiting your local farmers market is important because besides supporting small business it's also a way to connect with your community. That's especially important for someone like me who is away from their home country (Mexico) and starting a life in a new place.

I never have a recipe in mind when I visit the market.  I just like to get my favorite items and a few basics or new ones to try, then I go home and create something with what I have.  It's always the case, that when working with good ingredients it's easy to transform them into something special. It almost always ends up becoming a good brunch to feed the family.  - Susy

The best selection of artisan bread at Celtic Bakers.

Rainbow carrots looking pretty. 

One of my favorites: the fresh fish and seafood stall -  Portland Scallop Company. 

Brunch looks like this after a farmer's market haul. 

White Crab and Zucchini Open Omelette with Red Bell Pepper Sauce and Goat Cheese

Serves 2


5 vine tomatoes.
1/2 white onion.
1 garlic clove.
1tbsp of Apple cider vinegar.
2 tsp of ground red bell pepper.
300 g cooked white crab flesh.
300 g small yellow and green zucchinis.
1 tbsp of Irish melted butter.
1/2 a lemon.
Handful of cilantro.
4 free range eggs.
1/2 cup of milk.
100 g of Goat cheese.
Olive oil.
Maldon salt.
Black coarse pepper.

Preheat oven at 200C.

Start by cutting your tomatoes in quarters, cut your onion in big chunks and peel your garlic. Line a baking tray with parchment paper, add your vegetables, drizzle olive oil on top, add a pinch of salt and pepper and bake for 30 minutes.

Remove the tray from the oven and place your tomato mixture into the blender, add some water and blend until smooth.

Prepare a small sauce pan with a fine mesh sieve on top, pour your mixture through it and press with a spoon until only seeds and flesh remain. Stir your sauce and add the apple cider vinegar, the ground red bell pepper, and season. Let it simmer for 30 minutes.

Shave your zucchinis thinly with a sharp mandolin, then get a medium frying pan and add a drizzle of olive oil. Heat up your oil and then add your zucchinis, crab, a pinch of salt and pepper, the melted Irish butter and the juice of 1/2 a lemon. Stir everything and taste to check on the seasoning. Add more salt if necessary. Finish it up by adding roughly chopped cilantro.

Make your omelettes. Start by cracking the eggs into a bowl, add the milk, seasoning and whisk until you combine all the ingredients.

Prepare a small non stick pan. Add a drizzle of olive oil or butter, pour half of your egg mixture in. Stir your eggs gently, spreading them around at the same time evenly. Once they are mostly cooked you have two options: you can finish it up in the grill to cook the top, or if you are feeling confident you can flip it with a spatula and just for a few seconds in the other side and it will be ready. If you choose the first option you just have to keep an eye so you don't overcook it.

Serve your omelettes on pretty plates, add your crab and zucchini mixture on top, a spoonful of your warm red bell pepper sauce, goat's cheese crumbled on top and more fresh cilantro. Get your coffee ready, slice your bread and serve it to your family. Enjoy! 

You can find Susy on Instagram: @holasus  or contact her via email at

Photos courtesy of Susy Villasuso and used with permission.


  1. How wonderful! I feel like I've been on a trip to the market with Susana and Lily and now I am craving a buttery croissant! This is a lovely post and I'm thrilled to have had a peek inside of Susana's life in London.

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